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We are currently limited to social activities on the web or outdoors with social distancing.  Please check our calendar for Virtual Coffee Chats and other events. (And be sure to make a Covid-19 care plan now: Click Here! )

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

We are Bethlehem Neighbors!
We are members of a Village.  A village filled with experience...and wisdom...and a joy for living.  We are the seniors creating this village with mutual support and social inclusion, where we can age safely in our own homes - on our own terms.  As village members we share our skills and abilities with each other, some offering and some using, all with the same goal of maintaining our changing lives in our own neighborhoods.  We are the village...we are your Bethlehem Neighbors.

For more information, you can read below about Bethlehem Neighbors, about the village movement, or about how to become a member.

Bethlehem Neighbors

Bethlehem Neighbors was originally started by neighbors in one of our cozy hamlets in 2014, before quietly fading away. It was relaunched in 2019, with the intention of covering the whole town from Selkirk to North Bethlehem.  We partner with existing community resources, aiming to help our older residents age safely and engage in meaningful activities while remaining in the community they love. Currently we offer virtual coffee hours - a place we can visit with each other while staying in place. Watch our events calendar for dates and times.

Once the authorities say it is safe for people to be out and about, then Bethlehem neighbors will be expanding its offerings to in-person social events, such as dinner outings, guided walks, coffee hours and more.  We are also working on developing additional services for our members in the future, including help with chores, pet care, gardening, and transportation - along with providing guidance and assistance in using other available community resources.

Please check our events calendar regularly and stay updated on what your Bethlehem Neighbors are doing.
The Village Movement

The Village Movement started in Boston more than 15 years ago and today there are hundreds of Villages within 45 states that are part of the Village to Village Network.  The Village to Village Network is a national organization that was formed to maximize the growth, impact and sustainability of the individual Villages. Each individual Village is unique and reflects the needs of the members and the community where it is located. According to AARP, Village members experience reduced isolation, increased independence, and enhanced purpose of life. Villages are instrumental in helping people remain in their homes and independent in their communities.

Within the Capital District, in addition to Bethlehem Neighbors, there are established and developing Villages in Glens Falls, Shenendehowa, Northern Columbia County, and Niskayuna. Both Community Caregivers and Albany Guardian Society are involved in educating people about the Village movement and establishing volunteer networks in Guilderland and Albany.

If you want to learn more about the Village movement, you can attend one of the meetings of the Capital Region Village Collaborative, a bimonthly gathering of local Village members led by the Albany Guardian Society at or call 518-434-2140 for more information.

Join our village.

Bethlehem Neighbors exists because of its members. Some people become members so they can help other members. Other people become members so they can receive the help being offered. It’s a village of members helping members grow old comfortably at home.

If you want to volunteer to provide services to Bethlehem Neighbors, you need to join. If you need services offered by members of Bethlehem Neighbors, you need to join. Simple as that.

Right now, due to the coronavirus, we can only offer virtual social events. But as things begin to return to a socially-distanced normalcy, we are working on ways to safely initiate providing support services to our members. So, the sooner you join Bethlehem Neighbors, the more prepared your village will be when that day arrives.

Click to Join! 

Or, you can view and print our 2021 Member Brochure and mail it to us along with your check.

2021 Membership Brochure